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Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) is one of the oldest higher education technical and engineering institutes in Iran, and has the highest ranked technical university in the country. It was established in October 1956 under the name “Tehran Polytechnic”. It began with five engineering departments: Electronics and Electrical, Mechanical, Textile, Chemistry and Civil Engineering. Six months before the victory of 1979 Iranian Revolution, Tehran Polytechnic was renamed after the Iranian Prime Minister Amir Kabir (1807–1852).

The university now has 15 departments, including management, science and technology, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, polymer engineering, mathematics and computer science, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, civil and environmental engineering, physics and energy engineering, computer and information technology, mechanical engineering, mining and metallurgical engineering, textile engineering, petroleum engineering, ship engineering, and aerospace engineering. AUT has three other affiliated centers located in Bandar Abbas, Mahshahr and Garmsaar. There are around 13.000 students enrolled in the undergraduate and graduate programs.




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